Since the beginning of time
We have dreamed of moving
Fish sliding through primordial seas
Brachiating through tree overhead
On the savannah scanning for food

And once again I find myself in strange cities
Navigating a bizarre system of tunnels and roads
And bridges and rivers
To meet the faces of friends
Who I've never seen

We used to dream of flying
Now we don't even walk
We only move
In shiny metal boxes stretched to the horizon
To sit within room within room within room with room within room
Before we hurried home for
Boxed wine and curried meals

And then I remember
I remember...
I remember...

I could always fly away
Floating on the atmosphere
I could always fly away
Floating on the atmosphere

A cannonball!
Before I fall ...

Fly away
Fly away
Fly away

I could always fly away


from Live in Tokyo, released March 14, 2017
Don Paris Schlotman - guitar, vocal
Phil Harris - drums
Danny Cambo - synth

Recorded live at 吉祥寺クレッシェンド (Kichijōji Crescendo), Tokyo, Japan Feb 21, 2017



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Dolphins Don't Love Brooklyn, New York

Dolphins Don't Love is Don Paris Schlotman on vocals and guitars + Phil Harris on drums + Danny Cambo on synth. We play wavegaze rock and roll in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

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